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Corporates have a crucial part to play in minimising climate change, increasing social equity and driving positive change. Businesses that embrace sustainable practices are rewarded by greater consumer and shareholder loyalty, increased profit as a result of waste reduction, and increased attractiveness to potential employees, investors and suppliers.

We are sustainability strategists, working to make places healthier, happier and more environmentally-sustainable.

There’s no greenwash here. We work to deliver real and lasting change for organisations that want to become more sustainable, more socially responsible. Our advice delivers real business benefits and we work hard with clients to achieve maximum impact from the initiatives they have implemented.

Since 2003, Element 4 has delivered exceptional projects, creating real change for visionary clients.

Recent News

On Clean Air Day – A reflection on the UK Government’s effort to reduce air pollution.

Have you given your car a day off today on Clean Air Day?

Last month, during the International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies, we talked about the three main areas that we can act as individuals to help improve air quality: switch to renewable energy; take alternatives in transportation and; act together as a community. This month on Clean Air Day we would like to emphasis on the role of the government.

Why Food Waste Matters

Have you ever thrown away uneaten food? Perhaps you have bought food and left it forgotten in the fridge, the next time you take it out it has already gone bad and you chuck it into the bin. Another common scenario you may have come across in a restaurant where you order too much food that you cannot finish and give permission to the waiter to take it away. Not surprisingly that food will end up in the bin as well.

What we have learned from Plastic Free July?

Have you ever realised how much waste we produce each day? Do you know where your waste ends up? Most of the time we do not think much about our daily consumption of products and the associated waste but if we spend some time thinking about it logically, even though our waste disappears from our sight; it still exists somewhere on the planet…

The Launch of Agents of Change Programme

In celebration of World Environment Day, we’re launching our free 4-week Agents of Change programme.
If you have a desire to make your industry, company or community more environmentally-friendly, but don’t know where to start, then join us as we share real stories, inspiration and support to help you step up and make your voice heard. You don’t have to be an expert to make a real difference.