Air Quality – Government Guidance Documents Overview

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We know that environmental factors are influencing the spread of the virus that is causing the nation to stay at home.  We cannot influence the factors for the outdoor environment, but we are now starting to understand how the indoor environment can impact the spread of infectious disease.

The Government has recently released the “Role of Ventilation in Controlling SARS-CoV-2 Transmission SAGE-EMGdocument that provides guidance on how airborne disease can spread within the buildings we occupy.  One thing is clear – there is not one single solution. The key take homes from this document include: –

  • Further guidance is required across all sectors to update environment control for far field airborne aerosol transmissions, including enhanced ventilation requirements.
  • Regularly occupied buildings that consistently exceed 1500ppm CO2 should be identified and prioritised for improvement.
  • Sector guidance and practical advice is required to upskill facilities management and businesses to manage daily building environments while educating occupants.
  • Simple guidance documents are needed to further educate non ventilation experts but support guidance on practical steps that can help improve indoor spaces.
  • Investment and research are required to further understand how technology such as air purifiers and enhanced filtration can improve air quality.
  • Continuingly monitoring air quality parameters through sensor technology will provide data and insight for occupants and provide early information to when action is required to improve air quality.
  • The current development of standards such as Part F offers an opportunity to develop long standing benchmarks that will put health at the front of future ventilation design for all buildings.

These are a few of the main points raised and please download the guidance from the above link for the full details.

Element 4 welcomes this much needed guidance and recommend that businesses and industry understand how this can improve your building.  Part of our mission is to help clients deliver healthy, productive spaces through schemes such as WELL, Fitwel and RESET air.  Air quality is the foundation of each standard and service we deliver for creating healthy spaces.

In addition to our work with clients to improve indoor air quality, Element 4 are actively guiding the developing BESA ‘safe havens’ IAQ guideline document that will provide a layman’s term playbook for facilities management and building occupants across all sectors.

Please log in and join the BESA panel discussion on the 5th November to listen to industry experts and ask any questions on how we can improve your environment.

For any further information please contact our indoor air quality expert – Shaun Hill.

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