Agents of Change

Welcome to Element 4’s Agents of Change programme

Do you feel like your organisation could be doing more to help people & planet? Do you wish you could be a force for good and help make the world a better place? Are you afraid of speaking up and talking about your values with friends & colleagues? Then let us help you take your first steps towards making a positive change at work and in your community. You don’t have to be a sustainability expert to be an Agent of Change!

For 4 weeks, starting on World Environment Day on 5th June, we will be focusing on the following questions to help get you started on your sustainability journey:

  • WHY should I step up and take action? Why me and why now?
  • WHO can support me in this journey? Where is my tribe and why is community important?
  • WHAT should I focus my time and energy on? What specific action can I take?
  • HOW do I begin? How have others achieved positive change?

We will be sharing the stories of other Agents of Change who have already started taking action, providing inspiration, ideas and exercises to get you ready to take your first steps.

At the end of the 4-week programme, join our free Sustainability Kick-Start online workshop to learn more, meet others on the same journey and start putting your ideas into action. See the link below to register.

Real Stories

It’s not easy to stand up and question the status quo. Or to speak out about your values in an organisation that doesn’t seem to embrace them. So we’re on a mission to seek out those brave souls who’ve already made the leap and ask how they did it. Here we’ll be posting short interviews with some of these pioneers. If you know an Agent of Change, we’d love to share their stories. Follow the link below to get in touch.

“By creating a bottom-up movement that was getting bigger & louder, senior management could no longer brush it off. Stronger together!”

Louise Claeys, Architect

“It didn’t take much – a few conversations in the office with some passionate people sparked the drive to do something.”

Deepak Parmar, Design Director at MCM Architecture

Deepak Parmar, Design Director at MCM Architecture

“I found that sustainability was included in the RIBA code of conduct. This helped me bring it to our clients in accordance with our professional responsibilities instead of going out on a limb.”

Michael McCollum, Associate Director at KSS Design Group Ltd.

Sustainability Kick-start Webinar

Sharing your stories with us

We are passionate about making business a force for good. We believe everyone has a role to play, big or small, and the more of us become Agents of Change, the sooner we’ll get there.

Please share your stories with us to help inspire more people.

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