An update on the raffle for a good cause

In the last post, we talked about the raffle for a good cause. Today, we are going to share more information of each of the raffle prizes and the reasons why our industry friends would support the legal case that seeking a judicial review of the UK Emissions Trading Scheme.

“Season of Light II” and “Season of Light III”

These 2 pieces of original artwork by London-based artist Jane Peng were created with acrylic on canvas and pays homage to nature and the raw elements. Through her work, Jane seeks to capture the impact of life on the terrain of our own inner world. As an artist, Jane caught the attention of art galleries in Paris, Shanghai, and Singapore early on, and her works have been selected for group exhibitions in London, with more exhibitions slated for next year at marquee events such as ArtExpo New York. Her latest works will be seen next at an art auction at the Mandarin Oriental Shanghai, where Jane Peng will be the event’s feature artist. It is Jane’s hope that this piece of artwork can help light up the home or office of the raffle winner, and bring joy and contemplation over time. These paintings come ready to hang and are double varnished to ensure that it will last for generations to come.

“Protecting the health and sustainability of our planet has been something I’ve been passionate about since I was a child. Georgia is tackling an extremely important issue that will have ramifications on our society for years to come. I believe it’s a deeply worthy cause to fight for and it’s my great privilege to be able to lend my skills as an artist to this campaign.”

Jane Peng, Jane Peng Art

Deep Bio chair

The Deep Bio chair seat is made from an innovative biopolymer line of material known as Plantura, that is highly durable and can be compostable at the end of its life. 

“Anything that helps make the environment better is a good thing.  A cleaner planet should really be the goal, and for that brief 2/3 week period when the world literally stopped, we all noticed the difference of cleaner air, quieter environments and a better connection to nature. Sadly we now find ourselves in a sea of disposable masks, more plastic and even more fumes; as individuals, I believe we can all play our part in recycling. I believe if Georgia can win this case against the government, we are playing our part in getting more individuals and businesses recycling for a healthier planet.”

Natalie Rice, Sagal Group

Icarus laptop table

Icarus is a stylish, agile little table ideally suited as a casual surface to use a tablet or laptop to catch up with work, or just as a spot to place a nice cuppa. The steel base is made using circa 56% recycled content and is 100% recyclable, whilst the new Bamboo top option uses one of the most sustainable materials available. Entirely renewable, fast-growing and sustainably harvested, bamboo is 100% recyclable and CO2 negative over its life span.

“We are delighted to support Georgia with this. The environment impacts us all and whilst we endeavour to manufacture greener products we want to encourage recycling and not the easy disposal option.  There are many incinerators who adhere to high standards and have filters in place to protect the earth and also work alongside universities to find new ways of safe and environmentally friendly incineration. We would hope that Georgia can change the current ways to match those that do it the right way. It needs to be the same for everyone throughout the UK.”

Nikki Bytheway, sixteen3

Radic8 “Hextio” Air Purifier

The Hextio is a compact and portable air steriliser that deactivates viruses and improves indoor air quality.

“Having met Georgia at an industry Magazine round table on Air Quality we basically took over the whole event like we were the only ones in the room. The conversation carried on and we’ve been in touch ever since discussing projects and initiatives, ideas and technology. Georgia’s “positive disruption” is kicking ass and we’re delighted to be supporting her.”

Nathan Wood, Farmwood

Free WOD Business Membership

WOD Digital Business membership gives access to a global network of like-minded women from the workplace design industry. WOD digital is a community networking platform which allows people to make strategic business connections and stay updated and connected during these uncertain times. With free access to all our well-curated events and courses, this membership aids continuous professional growth and helps raise your profile in the industry.

“Georgia’s commitment towards making our environment safe for our children is what we support. Her tireless efforts and fights against the government and local councils to implement better ways of recycling materials and rubbish need all the attention and support and we at WOD are happy to stand by her. Her campaign and this legal case can change the future of this city, country and our children.”

Harsha Kotak, Women in Office Design

10W Fast Executive Charger

The 10W Fast Executive Charger provides a premium wireless charging experience in a beautifully designed product. Any mobile device with wireless charging capability can simply be placed onto the charger to start the fast charging process. The Executive Charger is manufactured from high-end materials with an aluminium body and tempered gorilla glass finish.

“We at Aircharge have a firm belief that over the next few years, handset manufacturers will start to remove charging cable ports which will in turn reduce the amount of charging cables that are shipped with handsets today.  We all have too many cables which eventually end up in landfill sites.  This needs to stop.  Technology will help with achieving this now and in the future.”

John Brooks, Aircharge

“I’ve had the pleasure of crossing paths with Georgia at Women in Office Designs events and believe this is incredible cause she is fighting which myself and Isomi are proud to support!”

Mell Davies, Isomi

Other prizes including:

Milly Stool by MARK Product
Gower Cottage Brownies
Starbucks vouchers x 2

Raffle is £5 per ticket, and you can buy as many as you like via:

The cut-off date is 27th November 2020 and prizes will be drawn randomly and announced during the first week of December 2020 via Linked In. Lookout this place for the details of each prize and why the donor wants to support this legal case.

So what are you waiting for? – Tickets are available now – BUY! BUY! BUY! – and good luck.

Free screening event of the climate documentary ‘2040’

Please join us on 4th November at 4:30pm for a screening of the fantastic award-winning climate documentary ‘2040’ followed by a discussion panel moderated by Element 4’s Georgia Elliott-Smith. Panellists include Kat Scott from dRMM Architects (also a member of Architects Climate Action NetworkLondon Energy Transformation Initiative (LETI) & UK Architects Declare), carol scott from TAIT Towers and Sian Conway, the founder of Ethical Hour Ltd.

‘2040’ is an Australian documentary directed by Damon Gameau. 2040 follows Gameau’s imagining of a future for his four-year old daughter, where climate change has been solved. Gameau travels around the world investigating numerous solutions that can contribute towards climate mitigation and imagining what a future would be like where they have been implemented at scale.

Register free for this screening event at eventbrite, and the panel discussion at

A family screening section is also available on 1st November at 4pm with free tickets available here.

Raffle for a good cause

As mentioned in some of our previous posts, our Managing Director, Georgia Elliott-Smith, has filed a legal case at the High Court seeking a judicial review of the UK Emissions Trading Scheme.

In the last couples of months, we received a lot of enquires from passionate people who would like to support the legal case. These are generous people who are wholeheartedly supporting the campaign: Nikki BythewayNatalie RiceAnna HartNathan Wood, Jane PengJohn BrooksMelanie DaviesGuy Stanley and Harsha Kotak. Georgia has already raise £20k so far and we would like to take this further by hosting a raffle with the following amazing prizes donated by our industry friends:

🔹 Laptop table from sixteen3
🔹Deep bio chair from Sagal Group
🔹 Milly stool from MARK Product
🔹 Air purifier from FARMWOOD M&E SERVICES LTD.
🔹 2 x original paintings from artist Jane Peng
🔹 Wireless charger from Aircharge
🔹 Brownies from Isomi
🔹 2 x £25 Starbucks vouchers from Stansons Group
🔹 Business membership from WOD – Women in Office Design

Raffle is £5 per ticket, and you can buy as many as you like via:

The cut-off date is 27th November 2020 and prizes will be drawn randomly and announced during the first week of December 2020 via Linked In. Lookout this place for the details of each prize and why the donor wants to support this legal case.

People from different parts of the world dialling in for the Sustainability Kick-Start Workshop

Our Agents of Change Programme has come to an end! Over the last 4 weeks we have been sharing questions around sustainability such as: –

•        Why become an Agent of Change?

•        Who is ready to build a community?

•        What will you do?

•        How we can all make changes?

We interviewed other Agents of Change and hope their personal stories inspire more people to make a positive change in their organisation or community.

We were pleased to see so many people join us for our Sustainability Kick-Start workshop including delegates from Canada, India, Iraq, Mexico, South Africa and across Europe.  We want to thank everyone for sharing ideas and questions that sparked off some great debate.  Due to the constraints of time we could not answer every question on the webinar but everyone is welcome to join our #AgentsOfChange LinkedIn group to continue the conversation.

Here at Element 4 we want to get people inspired and motivated to make real change within the environment and encourage greater sustainability. Let us know what topics interest you helping us to plan future webinars!

Element 4 on the London Fitwel Embassy Panel – 8th July 2019

Last night, Georgia Elliott-Smith was invited to speak on the panel of the inaugral UK Fitwel Embassy event at Schroders’ new Dept.W building in Whitechapel.

A lively debate took place around practical application of the standard and lessons learned since Fitwel launched in 2017. Georgia says “The event heralds an explosion in UK Fitwel certifications with leading investors and employers recognising the incredible value of implementing wellbeing features in property design and operation.

As the UK’s leading Fitwel consultant, I am proud to promote these values and educate the industry on the powerfully positive impact the built environment can have on health and wellbeing.”