World Wildlife Day 2021

Happy World Wildlife Day!

Did you know that indigenous peoples currently manage around 28% of the world’s land surface?

Today is World Wildlife Day.  This year it is celebrated under the theme “Forests and Livelihoods: Sustaining People and Planet”.  Up to 350 million people live within or alongside the forest area; thus, the ecosystem and forest species are crucial to their overall livelihoods.

You may wonder how this relates to you? Well, many consumer goods nowadays use palm oil extensively in their products.  Although palm oil can be produced without destroying rainforests, most palm oil traders in the world are still destroying habitat at an alarming rate with illegal deforestation and exploitation of the local community. Further, the increasing demand for commercially desirable tropical hardwoods like mahogany, rosewood and rubber has also lead to an ecological conversion.  More land has been converted into economically productive forests with the result being a huge loss of biodiversity that the old-growth rainforest supports as part of a natural ecosystem.

Do you want to know more about sustainability?  We provide exceptional workshops and training to help businesses understand the challenges and opportunities posed by the current global climate emergency.  Our thought-provoking and engaging sessions are highly practical, focusing on your unique industry, stakeholders and challenges.  Contact us now to find out more.

People from different parts of the world dialling in for the Sustainability Kick-Start Workshop

Our Agents of Change Programme has come to an end! Over the last 4 weeks we have been sharing questions around sustainability such as: –

•        Why become an Agent of Change?

•        Who is ready to build a community?

•        What will you do?

•        How we can all make changes?

We interviewed other Agents of Change and hope their personal stories inspire more people to make a positive change in their organisation or community.

We were pleased to see so many people join us for our Sustainability Kick-Start workshop including delegates from Canada, India, Iraq, Mexico, South Africa and across Europe.  We want to thank everyone for sharing ideas and questions that sparked off some great debate.  Due to the constraints of time we could not answer every question on the webinar but everyone is welcome to join our #AgentsOfChange LinkedIn group to continue the conversation.

Here at Element 4 we want to get people inspired and motivated to make real change within the environment and encourage greater sustainability. Let us know what topics interest you helping us to plan future webinars!

The Launch of Agents of Change Programme

In celebration of #WorldEnvironmentDay, we’re launching our free 4-week Agents of Change programme.

If you have a desire to make your industry, company or community more environmentally-friendly, but don’t know where to start, then join us as we share real stories, inspiration and support to help you step up and make your voice heard. You don’t have to be a #sustainability expert to make a real difference.

The theme of this year’s Environment Day is ‘Time #ForNature’. During lockdown, many of us have realised the value and healing powers of nature. Now it’s time to #buildbackbetter, what could you do to make your business a force for good? Let’s go on this journey together. Every week we’ll focus on a topic with videos, inspiring articles and worksheets.

The programme will end on Thursday 2nd July with a free Sustainability Kick-Start online workshop. Visit our Agents of Change page for more information and go to to register for the free workshop.

We can’t change overnight… (and other surprising myths)

Many people have been made working from home during the lock down amid Coronavirus. Before we return to the workplace, our Director at Element 4, Georgia Elliott-Smith, had a discussion with Leeson Medhurst, the Director of Workplace Strategy at Workplace Futures Group about the importance of well being and sustainability. They also debunked the myths about what is going to happen when we return to the workplace, and how businesses can embrace recent radical changes and flourish in a post-Covid-19 world.

Please click on the following video if you have missed the live webcast: