Week 1 – Why become an Agent of Change?

Welcome to Element 4’s Agents of Change programme. This week we want to explore your motivation – why should you step up and start making positive change?


Whether it’s cutting pollution, protecting nature or fighting for social justice, most of us believe that the world could be better. But stepping up and voicing your beliefs around colleagues requires courage and preparation. This week we will help you explore your motivations and start developing the foundations you will need to take your first steps on your journey to becoming an Agent of Change.

Here we offer some resources to get you started. Fill out the worksheet to explore your motivations. Get stuck in to some of the recommended reading and check out the free film – we love it and think you will too!

Please get in touch using the link below or contact us through LinkedIn to share your thoughts and inspiration that may help others on the same path.

Our Planet: Our Business is a film created by WWF and Netflix. Trust us, it’s amazing! We recommend that everyone who has any interest in sustainability starts their journey here. It beautifully distills how we arrived at this point in history, the challenges we face, and the ways we can go about making change, all set to gorgeous footage from the Blue Planet series.

Many of the attendees from our Sustainability Kick-Start workshops have shown this film to their colleagues and found it a powerful tool to start the conversation. This is a 40min investment that you won’t regret. We’d love to know what you think!

Self-Reflection Exercises

Please try to answer the following questions of the week or download the self-reflection worksheet.

  1. Why should I be the person to take the leap to encourage and develop change?
    • What are the reasons behind?
  2. Why should I motivate myself to do this?
    • And what are the blockers?
  3. Why is now the right time to become an agent of change?




A 4-minute epic message



Lack of motivation: You do recognise the enormity of the climate change impact, but you have a lack of drive to begin your agent of change journey, believing you will not develop enough positive impact or influence to make any real difference.  

Fear: You do not know what challenges and difficulties are going to be ahead of you by becoming an agent of change; your fear holds you back from doing what you know is right. 

Time: You feel that you do not have time to make an impact to the environment. 

Lack of support: You think you cannot achieve enough when doing this alone. Please go to week 2 of the Agents of Change programme to learn how to build your tribe.  

Sharing your thoughts with us

Tell us how you feel after reading this week’s materials. If you are happy to share your thought on LinkedIn, tag us along with @Element 4 Group Ltd and add in the hashtag #agentsofchange.

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