Week 4 – How we make changes

Welcome to the final week of the Agents of Change programme. Over the last three weeks, we have explored WHY we desire change, WHO we need alongside us, and WHAT can we do to make a positive change to the planet. By now you will probably have loads of ideas about what you want to change. This week we’re going to focus on turning ideas into action!

If you’re interested in implementing fundamental change in your organisation, watch the video below to learn more about B Corps, a standard that requires businesses to take sustainability to heart. Certified B Corporations use their business as a force for good – they must make social and environmental improvement part of their articles of association. Companies must put in place procedures that ensure all staff, at all levels of seniority, make decisions not only on the basis of financial benefits, but on social and environmental impacts too. Could your organisation implement some of these ideas, or even become a registered B Corp?

Remember, you don’t have to start from scratch!

Many institutes and organisations provide tools and resources to help you implement your ideas. Or consider using your professional and personal skills on a working group or committee, finding solutions to challenges in your sector. Contact the professional institutions in your sector and ask what they’re doing to be Agents of Change! You might inspire them to address common problems that stand in the way of sustainability.

Becoming a member of a professional institute, steering committee or working group is an incredibly powerful way to come together and set standards that enable big changes. Some groups require membership payments, others just ask for your time, ideas and commitment. Here are some groups and tools we recommend – if you know if others, give us a shout! 

Learning from other’s successes (and failures!) can help to guide you on your journey. Find out how they generate ideas, implement changes and deal with less-than-ideal outcomes. For starters, take a look at the resources we’ve uncovered in our ‘inspiration’ section below.

It’s the final week of this Agents of Change programme, but the start of your sustainability journey! Have you registered for our free Sustainability Kick-Start workshop? Wherever you are in your journey, come along to learn more about the basics of sustainability, identify some actions to get your started and meet other agents of change. See you there!

Self-Reflection Exercises

Please try to answer the following questions of the week or download the self-reflection worksheet.

  1. How have other businesses or individuals put their ideas into action? Whose journey inspires you?
  2. How do you plan to start? Will you launch with a bang, or gently introduce subtle changes?
  3. How can you draw on resources such as your networks, existing knowledge and the community you’ve created? Look back over previous weeks’ worksheets for ideas.
  4. How will you communicate your plan? What targets and messages will most inspire and influence those around you?
  5. How will you deal with obstacles? If you experience fear, rejection, hostility, denial or apathy, what tools can support you?





Sharing your thoughts with us

Tell us how you feel after reading this week’s materials. If you are happy to share your thought on LinkedIn, tag us along with @Element 4 Group Ltd and add in the hashtag #agentsofchange.

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